eDiets: The future of online dieting? offers 22 different diet plans to their members. Their most recent additions are the G.I. Diet (glycemic diet), the Mediterranean Diet and the Mayo Clinic Diet.

Their other popular diet plans include Atkins, Slim-Fast, The Blood Type Diet, Perricone and Trim Kids.

They just released their latest financials and revenues were $12 million for the quarter ending December 31st 2005. They averaged 220,000 paying members throughout the year. Revenue growth over the previous year was 18 percent. Their average weekly fees per subscriber are about $3.95.

They are planning a direct-to-consumer food product to match people's current diet choices. The "Fresh Cuisine" high-end meals will on average cost about $25 per day not including shipping. You'll be seeing an infomercial ad campaign about it soon.