Extreme Makeovers Without Weight Loss

For people who are looking to appear more physically attractive there are some good alternatives to losing excess weight. One increasingly popular method is to invest in cosmetic dentistry. This can sometimes bring about a dramatic improvement in physical attractiveness.

The before and after cosmetic dentistry smiles shown here are from The Fine Art of Dentistry and Dr. Siles websites. Cosmetic dentistry is a booming business these days. New technologies that weren't available even a few years ago, aging baby boomers and the gorgeous white smiles we see on the tube all the time are all contributing to the rapid growth in cosmetic dental procedures.

Almost every dentist will do some sort of cosmetic dentistry these days. But there are many dentists who actively specialize in this area of dental work. These practioneers are kept very busy with the increasing demand for tooth whitening, veneers, oral laser surgery and implants. Tooth whitening has been the fastest growing segment of the cosmetic dentistry market.

Cosmetic dentistry could set you back financially as it's not covered by most dental insurance plans. But a lot of people are choosing this type of 'extreme makeover' over an expensive vacation, a new car purchase or even a high-end weight loss retreat program.