Celcius Drink as a Fat Burner?

There's a new cola vying for the attention of people who want to lose weight. It's called Celcius and it comes in three different flavors; cola, ginger-ale and lemon-lime. A bottle of Celcius is less than 10 calories.

The drink was developed by Elite Fx and they claim that Celsius helps people burn fat because it contains a 'thermogenic blend' which will increase your metabolism.

The packaging on the bottle has a catchy slogan "Enjoy the great taste of burning calories". The ingredients include taurine, guarana extract, green tea leaf extract, caffeine and ginger extract.

The promotional stuff from the company says that if you replaced a habit of one regular soft drink per day with a Celsius drink you could lose up to 17 pounds in one year with no change in exercise habits.

There is a good review about this new product at but they do not comment on the weight loss claims.

Celcius is not yet widely available. You can buy it in many places in the Southern Eastern States or online at EliteFxbev.

For me personally, I'll stick to my water (with a splash of juice) as a substitute for any type of soda or pop. But I think people who are very accustomed to at least one pop drink per day would find this a refreshing and possibly relatively healthy alternative.

Update October: Celsius now has some very serious competition as Coca Cola is about to launch their own negative calorie drink; Enviga.