Losing 120 pounds in One Year (South Beach Diet)

Jennette (the 'Pasta Queen') has lost more than 120 pounds in just over a year. She has 90 more pounds to lose to get to her goal weight. She started out at 372 pounds in November 2004 and now weighs 249 pounds. Her height is 5'9".

She follows the South Beach Diet and works out on a treadmill five times a week. She doesn't recommend the South Beach Diet for everyone, but it has worked very well for her.

Hers is one of the most authentic and aesthetic sites I've come across in the personal weight loss story online world. She is a web designer by training, and this really shows in the beautiful and interesting presentation of her web site. But she is also an honest and excellent writer.

I really enjoy her 3D progress update photos. You can drag on them, and see her progress in terms of side, front and back photos. She writes about her weight loss experience on a regular basis, and each Saturday she tells us her new weight, regardless whether it is up or down. It's a very inspirational story.

She just noted on her site that she ate way too many chocolates over Christmas but managed to lose weight that week anyway. In her last post, she is selling a pair of size 28 black dress pants on eBay.

Check out her wonderful site at Half of Me.