Losing Weight: Before and After Pictures

If you've started losing weight and you need a little more inspiration to keep going, this is a fun diversion you may find interesting. These are some examples of virtual models at 'before' and 'after' weight loss.

The example model above is 5'7". Here we see her picture at 220 pounds, 190 pounds, 155 pounds and 135 pounds.

You can try this out for yourself to see what you might look like if you weighed less. You can design your own model at the Land's End website and specify a hairstyle, general body shape, nose, mouth, face shape, skin color and hair color. Enter your weight and height and see what you might look like for each ten pounds that you will lose.

The examples above are a 6' tall man at 260 pounds and at 190 pounds. The woman in the middle is 5'4 and 200 pounds versus an after picture of 120 pounds. The last female is 5'7 and 221 pounds versus 130 pounds.