Biggest Loser - Suzy Preston

Biggest Loser finalist Suzy Preston lost 95 pounds. She is an ex-hairdresser living in Seattle who weighed 250 pounds in highschool and started on the show weighing 227 pounds. She now weighs 132 pounds. She is 29 and her height is five feet and four inches. Her initial body fat percentage was 47 percent and she was able to reduce it to fifteen percent.

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Suzy is now a poster babe for the Biggest Loser program (as in the pic here). She's also dating Matt Hoover, the ex-wrestling coach who went on to win the series and managed to kick his heavy drinking habit in addition to losing over 100 pounds.

Suzy lost an incredible twenty pounds in the first week of the show. The participants had to work out for five hours a day and were limited to 1,200 calories per day. Now that the contest is long over, she has gained eight pounds but has managed to keep most of the weight off by doing cardio and weight training five days a week.

Update March 28th: Matt Hoover just proposed to Suzy Preston live on the Today show. They've been maintaining a long-distance relationship over the past year. They were both 29 years old when they met and started their relationship on the 8th week of the Biggest Loser.

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