Losing Fifty Pounds in Four Months

Ultraclyde has lost more than fifty pounds in just over four months. His body fat ratio is down to 13.6 percent. His secret? Training for a marathon.

In September of 2005 he weighed 222 pounds. Today he weighs 170 pounds at six feet tall. Because of his heavy fitness workout schedule, Ultraclyde has to eat a great deal of food just to maintain his current weight. He estimates he needs to consume 3700 calories a day just to stay at his current weight and not lose more weight.

Back in 1997 when he was 22 and just out of university, he weighed 262 pounds. At that point he joined Weight Watchers where he became the star of his class and was down to 209 pounds within a few months. However, he gradually regained all this weight plus more. By 2001, he was up to 290 pounds.

Since then he began exercising on a regular basis and in September of 2005, when he started his marathon training web site, he weighed 222 pounds.

UltraClyde's story is really inspirational for people considering a serious exercise program as part of their new lifestyle. He is seeking stories from other people who have lost over a 100 pounds as a result of marathon training. Check out his site at UltraClyde.

The picture on the left is Ultraclyde in 2001 at 290 pounds. The photo on the right is his current weight of 170 pounds, taken in January 2006.