Britney Spears Weight Loss Timing

Britney Spears has gained a lot of weight since her pregnancy. Her baby boy was born just four months ago (on September 14th) but already she is getting a lot of rude press about not yet having regained her pre-pregnancy figure.

I don't know anyone personally who was able to lose their pregnancy weight in less than six months. Do you? Most women take a minimum of a year before they are back to pre-pregnancy weight, if ever. There's always reports in the tabloids about celebrities who lose their baby fat within three months but I'd question the validity of these reports in most cases.

Britney Spears is not letting this baby be cared for by full-time nannies. She is still breast-feeding and spending her days with the baby. That's something we don't see a lot of celebrities doing. It's not a good idea to start a rigorous diet or exercise program when you are still nursing and the baby is only four months old. Hopefully she is not too troubled by negative press and can devote at least a year to herself and the baby without worrying about getting back into supremely good shape in such a hurry. The above pic is a PR photo taken some time before her pregnancy.

Britney Spears Update February 16th:

Spears is featured on the cover of People's Magazine February 25th Edition. She's lost a lot of weight over the past few weeks. In the magazine she says she has been working out by doing cardio, pilates, yoga and weights in addition to going for long walks with her baby. She has to keep it relatively light on the cardio workouts because of a knee injury from 2004.

Update February 22: This photo by Hollywood Rag was apparently taken after her photo shoot with People Magazine earlier this month. It looks like she's back to gaining some weight again. Some gossip magazines are speculating that Spears is pregnant with her second baby now.

Update March 10th: The rumors that Britney Spears is pregnant again are getting stronger and stronger.

Update May 26th: Here's a picture of Britney Spears from yesterday. Britney confirmed her second pregancy a couple of weeks ago on the David Letterman show.

Update August 18th: Spears has told People Magazine that she can't wait to get back in shape after this second pregancy. She feels she's been pregnant forever and she's excited about being able to sweat like she used to and getting her body back in shape with a routine. She plans to start working out in a huge way after this second baby is born.

I wish her great luck with this. It's harder than it sounds, especially if she plans to breast feed for an extended time as she's doing with the first baby.

Update November 7th: Britney Spears made a brief visit to the David Letterman show while she was in New York yesterday. She's really gone all out to get in shape quickly after this second pregnancy. Personally I prefer her hair without bangs because she has such an amazing face and the bangs hide it but she looks fantastic and very fit just weeks after the birth of her second baby. See the video clip here;