Food Addiction: Breaking the Habit

If you think about food compulsively or are often overeating you may have a food addiction. One natural way to break these habitual patterns is to get to the underlying issue that is causing this behaviour. Meditation can be very helpful in this regard and has been shown to be an effective treatment for all kinds of addictions.

Pema Chodron is an author of an audio CD about this topic. Her CD is the one pictured here: Getting Unstuck

She is a Zen Buddhist abbott who's written many excellent books about meditation and how it can help transform your world for the better. On this CD she discusses how we reinforce our addictions and habits by giving in to them repeatedly and she suggest ways for learning to just be with our feelings of uneasiness.

This CD has got some very good reviews from people at Amazon. As one example, here's Jeffrey Gimble's opinion:

"Pema Chodron offers some sound, beautiful ideas on how to cope with not only addictive behavior, but basically anything in life that you just plain don't like. Her lovely, grounded voice is a pleasure to listen to, she's damned funny, and I've found myself listening to the ideas on this CD over and over as I make my way through the often hostile streets of Manhattan. It's like a primer in how to stay clear and calm and grounded in life, no matter how lousy (or terrific) your circumstances may be."