Weight Loss according to the Stars

Is there an ideal time to start a diet for quick weight loss? What does astrology have to say about weight-loss timing?

Here's a partial summary of what astrologers have to say:

Jupiter is associated with weight gain or 'enlargement' and abundance. Whatever it touches in your chart, expect that to be 'fattened up' in some respect. This is why people who have Jupiter on their Ascendant, or people who have Sagittarius rising are expected to have more problems with weight-loss than the average person.

Saturn on the other hand, is the planet that can bring 'reduction' or 'lack' in some aspect of your life. If it is conjunct someone's Ascendant, they are more likely to be naturally thin and wiry rather than portly. These people will rarely need to lose weight.

So when would be the best time to try to lose weight? When Jupiter is in your first house this would be the least successful time in general to try to diet. When Saturn is there on the other hand, you may find yourself losing weight without even trying.

Starting a weight-loss program in the last three days before the New Moon is also a recipe for failure. In fact most projects that are started in the last two or three days of the moon cycle will be facing an uphill battle.

Some planets seem to speed up people's metabolisms (not to mention their life events). Uranus in particular, can really rev up your body chemistry. If it begins a transit to your key planets you can expect to be vibrating around more than usual. This can be conducive to weight loss :-)