Are you Obese or Cuddly?

When people join online dating sites, they often exaggerate their mental and physical characteristics. You don't find too many people stating they are mobidly obese on these sites.

Here's what people really mean when they say certain things about themselves on the online dating sites. I found this very funny list of common embellishments at the Radar Blog.

Athletic Stupid.

Attractive Appealing personality, physically repulsive.

Bubbly Bipolar.

Cuddly/curvaceous/extra padding Morbidly obese.

Down-to-earth Slob.

Educated Condescending.

Enjoy long romantic walks No car.

Free spirit Raring to ravish your friends.

Honest Brutally insensitive.

Independent Social leper.

Like a good wine Old and full-bodied

Live life to the max Your credit card max.

Looks not important Just money.

Masters degree Bunnings shop floor role.

Millionaire In defunct Italian Lira.

Must know how to treat a lady Platinum cardholders only.

No baggage Wife and kids terminated via lethal injection.

Not concerned about looks Pitt or Jolie lookalikes only.

Personality a must Because I have none.

Prince Charming Charismatic psychopath.

Quirky Attracted to children.

Recently single Enmeshed in cut-throat child custody battle.

Shy at first Embarrassingly boisterous after one drink.

Spiritual Flaky. Doesn't pay bills.

Traditional Live with my parents.

True romantic You take the tab.

Try anything once Crack habit.

Unique Self-obsessed.

Zany multiple unstable personalities.