Janet Jackson is Dining Fresh

Janet Jackson has just provided a huge boost to an Los Angeles based company called Fresh Dining. A few months ago Janet Jackson weighed 180 pounds. Now she has lost 60 pounds in just four months. This weeks Us magazine has Janet on their cover, looking fantastic. And in the magazine, Jackson reveals that her diet consists of getting all her prepared diet meals delivered to her door each day.

Fresh Dining is only available to residents of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. If you live there, you too can get meals delivered to your door everyday. The service is not cheap. It costs about $55 per day for three organic meals and two snacks. The meals are planned around how quickly you want to lose weight. You can choose the 1,000 calorie package or the 1,400 calorie package.

It would be hard for Fresh Dining to pay enough money for the kind of massive advertising coup they just got with this media blitz. The gossip and weight loss blogs are all covering the story. The net is lit up with Fresh Dining buzz. I hope they are at least providing her meals for free.