Jessica Simpson Loses 15 lbs

Jessica Simpson has lost 15 pounds in four months according to Life & Style Weekly Magazine.

She weighed 125 in January and earlier this month she was down to 110 pounds. How tall is she and is this too skinny for her height?

She is 5'4" tall and is now teetering between the border of the underweight and normal weight range according to Body Mass Index calculations.

Doctors normally recommend that your BMI is at least 20. Jessica Simpson's is now 18.9. A healthy weight range would put you somewhere between 111 and 146 pounds based on a BMI of between 19 and 25 for this height.

Her 'diet secrets' are quite basic and involve working out three or four times a week, eating healthy food and watching her portions.

Why are the most beautiful people also insecure about their looks? There are rumors circulating that Jessica Simpson paid a visit to plastic surgeon Julian Omidi earlier this month.

Update: August 2006, here is Jessica Simpson posing with a purple ball for the current issue of OK! Magazine where she discusses her workout plan in more detail.