Weight Loss at Any Cost

Weight loss surgery has become one of the fastest growing elective surgeries in America. And liposuction (the suctioning of fat from specific areas on the body) is gaining popularity at an even faster rate. Some companies are now even advertising 'liposuction vacations', where you can go to the tropics and get operated on for half of what it would cost here while staying at a five star beachfront hotel.

The photos shown here are from a controversial 80-page spread in the Italian Vogue last year. The feature was called "Makeover Madness" and portrayed supermodels Linda Evangelista, Inguna Butane, Elise Crombez, Missy Rayder, Hana Soukupova, Jessica Stam, Julia Stegner and Eugenia Volodina as plastic surgery patients. The famous photographer, Steven Meisel said the images were "a “reaction to where entertainment is right now - everything is makeovers and plastic surgery, altering oneself at any cost.” See these supermodel plastic surgery pictures here.

These photos are somehow extremely disturbing but fascinating at the same time.